Annexation is the process by which a piece of property is incorporated into an existing political unit such as a City or City Service.

The process of Annexing a parcel(s) of Real Estate typically involves Owner(s) of Real Estate contiguous to a municipal corporation (Town). Annexation when completed allows, as an example, an Owner in unincorporated San Mateo County to annex into the town of Portola Valley and obtain use of all City Services.

Annexing out of a County Jurisdiction and into a City can result in the following benefits:
• Local City Police & Fire
• City Public Works
• Less expensive utility services.
• The potential for more favorable or predictable zoning regulations and political dynamics more easily engaged locally.

Another common example as in the same jurisdiction as above, an Owner whose home has a septic system may want to annex into the West Bay Sanitary District in Portola Valley. There are several advantages that may substantially outweigh the cost of terminating one’s Septic System and joining a Sanitary District that provides a Sewer hook-up.

• PositiveEnvironmental Impact
• Eliminating or substantially reducing the cost of maintaining one’s waste system
• The ability to substantially increase the square footage of the Primary Residence.
• The ability to construct a legal secondary unit for use for extended family, household support, or even a rental unit.

Whether annexing into a Town or sewer service, one first needs to list the pros and cons. Stafford Realty can help you assess the value of annexation without going too far into a development plan.