Given the “built out” nature of the San Francisco Peninsula and heavily regulated lands straddling the coast, engaging a subdivision process can be daunting. We can all understand most if not all of the easy projects have been developed. What’s left can potentially be the most valuable. This value typically includes complexity and costs that must be aggressively and expertly managed.

Partnering with Stafford Realty will ensure a thoughtful strategy, well positioned, experienced consultants, and transparency at each stage. This Partnership in the process can also be a key ingredient in our compensation. Stafford Realty will defer some or all of its compensation until the Project is fully entitled, and/ or developed, or sold.

• Re-Subdivision
This involves subdividing a parcel that is part of an existing Subdivision into two or more Parcels.
• Lot Line Adjustments
Boundary Lines dividing Parcels can sometimes be moved to achieve Development purposes or to reconfigure Parcels for a greater Development opportunity.
• Secondary Units
These units often described as “Granny Units” bring real value to today’s Family. They can house extended family and household support staff. In addition, these units hold long term value as rental units.